Car Camping in the Swell

Quick run down to San Rafael Swell for some camping and hiking around before we leave for a little family surf trip in Nicaragua. With the weather being as nice as it is right now, we just had to do it. 

We camped at one of our favorite car camping spots right outside of Goblin Valley State Park and got in a short hike up Little Wild Horse Canyon. It's a non technical slot canyon but when you're taking a 3 month old, it's actually a bit more difficult than you'd think. 

It always seems to be out of season when we hit popular spots, as it was with Goblin Valley. There was a big tour bus pulling out when we got there but we had almost the whole Goblin Valley all to ourselves. 

Shepard slept great in the truck, warm November night with a big moon, and fantastic scenery all shaped up a fun weekend.