Cathedral Valley loop on bike... the first attempt.

The Cathedral Valley loop is about a 60 mile dirt road in Capital Reef National Park that most people drive early Spring thru late Fall.

We however, chose to bike it in two days in February. After getting a late start Saturday morning we didn't actually begin the ride until around 2 pm, we were hoping to make it 25-30 miles before dark...

The bikes were loaded up and we got off to a good pace for a few miles before things got rough. We hit a quarter mile stretch of the most dense clay / mud that we could've imagined. Tires wouldn't roll, feet were slipping all over the place, it took more energy to get the bikes thru that stretch than the rest of the ride that day. 

The drive trains of all the bikes were in pretty poor conditions afterwards and one of the derailleurs eventually became mangled beyond repair. 

We decided to get the truck and pedal as far as we could until dark, and load up in the morning and call it. 

This loop will be great in a month or two when it's not so muddy and we look forward to trying it again.