Backpacking Box-Death Hollow

Getting away from the more popular creeks next to this one, rewarded us with beautiful views of glowing red walls mixed with tall pine trees. 

Hiking up Pine Creek was about 9 miles and we had it all to ourselves. We had to cross the cold creek at least 20 times and gave up pretty early keeping our feet dry. 

Shortly after passing the Deep Creek confluence we found a nice to place to camp, cook dinner, and sit around the fire drying our feet. 

We've been up here before and caught fish in this creek but didn't even attempt this time due to runoff that caused murky and fast moving water.

We stashed the Surly Cross Check at the Upper Box Access and had a fun 10.5 mile gravel ride down to get the truck. The Hell's Backbone scenic drive was a nice ender to the short weekend.