Total Eclipse in Idaho

We don't update this nearly enough but I'm making it a goal to do so more often! 

On Sunday we decided to load basically everything we had (excluding Shark) and drive to Idaho for the total eclipse. We planned on crowds, traffic, shortages of supplies, and witnessing the celestial phenomenon in full totality! 

Luckily we didn't really run into any crowds, traffic, or shortage of supplies on the way there. Found a nice camp spot at Conant Creek with nobody within sight, setup camp, caught some fish and called it a night. 

In the morning we did the usual camp routine of wake up in the back of the truck, try to distract Shepard back there for an hour or two until it warms up outside. Cooked up some eggs, walked around for a bit then put Shepard down for his morning nap. He slept right up until we had to start hiking up the hill next to camp to watch the eclipse. 

Watching it was one of the coolest experiences both Lauren and I have witnessed. The funky shadows, the muted lighting, the 360 degrees of almost a sunset feel before totality... then at 100% we took off our glasses and watched it get dark and the temps drop. There were a couple planets that were visible and an outline of the trees and grand teton in the distance. All 2 minutes and 30 seconds were glorious! 

We're hoping that in Shepard's lifetime he'll be able to witness another one, even if it means we do some long traveling to make it happen. It was well worth the 9 hours drive home.